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How many Sri Lankan websites are impartial and unbiased? Very few I believe. I know of only one such website at the moment (ignoring my blog), so if you find any other such website please inform me. Crazylanka is a website which summarises Sri Lanka in one word: crazy. It’s about current affairs, history and everything else related to Sri Lanka. It was launched in 2001 and was probably the first satirical website about Sri Lanka.

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Here’s one of two* topics that strike fear in the majority of maths A Level students. Trigonometry. According to Wikipedia, trigonometry is a “branch of mathematics that studies triangles”. Now, how many A/L students can define trigonometry this way? Very few. Most students would just mutter “triangles and formulas and stuff” (note the incorrect spelling of formulae). They know the subject matter given in the syllabus, and that’s it. It’s OK if you don’t have the slightest idea of what you are learning, as long as you can vomit it all out during the exam. I’m sure some students don’t even know what “trigonometry” is, but can readily identify “sin x/cos x = tan x”.

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Exponential Growth of Firecracker Sales

There has been an explosive increase in the sales of crackers during the month of February. This trend is expected to continue well into March, and possibly until the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in mid-April.

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Celltel = Tigo = Etisalat

From Celltel to Tigo, and then to Etisalat. The first name was standard. The second was wacky. The third is, well I dont know. It’s an Arabic name, of which the meaning I don’t know. But this stragely named network is going to make ripples in the Sri Lankan communications market.

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Getting the Results

I place my bag on the ground next to my table and sit down. The bell rings and the class is supposed to start. But the teacher tells us that we will soon get our marked papers. That means we won’t be doing any work today. Instead of cheering, the entire class is silent.

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My Name is Khan

My Name is Khan is an all new movie from bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan and famed director Karan Johar. It’s about a mildly autistic Indian named Khan, who goes to live in the USA and lives a happy life there until the events of 9/11.

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School Exams

Got exams this week. Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths. Bits and pieces of the syllabus that have been completed.

I’m in a super shape to do Core Maths and Mechanics. Even Chemistry is all right. But I’m not too sure about Physics. Somehow I cannot figure out how to answer the essay type questions and provide the correct details for them. And I keep messing up questions on e.m.f. and the MCQs. But at least I hope to scrape an A.

Wish me luck!


Fireflies is a song by a group named Owl City. No, actually Owl City is just one person: Adam Young. According to Wikipedia, he is an insomniac and began composing music to help waste the time, and eventually his music went mainstream.

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It’s Too Hot

It’s too hot. There are no words to explain the heat. Even if there were any such words, my tongue is too dry to say them. I don’t feel like doing anything, but I have to study. I couldn’t even sleep if I wanted to. Even with the AC on and after drinking galleons of ice water, I still feel uncomfortable. And I’m pretty sure the rest of the country agrees with me.
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Soft Launch

I thought that I’d rather launch softly than have a mega launch party and run a massive advertising campaign that could challenge Rajapakse’s election campaign. Actually the second is probably impossible. And I wasn’t really planning to do any of these things.

Anyway, this blog is about me, a Sri Lankan international school student, and various stuff that goes on in my life. Studies take the prime position as always, but I won’t hesitate to publish my random thoughts and feelings and some ideas that come to mind.

I know I’m going to enjoy writing this, and this isn’t the first time I’m writing a blog, so I hope you enjoy reading this!