Fireflies is a song by a group named Owl City. No, actually Owl City is just one person: Adam Young. According to Wikipedia, he is an insomniac and began composing music to help waste the time, and eventually his music went mainstream.

A friend of mine recommended Fireflies to me. I liked it the first time I listened to it on YouTube. But I couldn’t understand the meaning of the words. It seemed pretty babish, talking about fireflies and all. There seemed to be no deeper meaning behind the lyrics. The music video too is a little unusual, but a bit creative.

The song seems to be pretty popular, at least on iTunes UK. There were no inflammatory comments about the song, which is an oddity for any song on iTunes. I thought that there would be plenty of people annoyed with the lyrics, but there weren’t.

I still like the song a lot, although I still couldn’t figure out the lyrics. It has a nice drift away feel which I enjoy. I would recommend this song to anyone. It’s a nice song to listen to when you want to calm down, or before you go to bed.


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