It’s Too Hot

It’s too hot. There are no words to explain the heat. Even if there were any such words, my tongue is too dry to say them. I don’t feel like doing anything, but I have to study. I couldn’t even sleep if I wanted to. Even with the AC on and after drinking galleons of ice water, I still feel uncomfortable. And I’m pretty sure the rest of the country agrees with me.

There’s nobody to be seen. Not a soul on the road. No one can be heard doing their daily chores. There is an eerie silence outside. Everyone is either asleep or praying to God that the heat will end. Probably the latter.

Even the animals have gone into hiding. My garden is unusually lacking the squirrels who run about, as well as the jungle fowl who preys on snails. Of course the snails are also missing, and so are the ants and caterpillars and other tiny creatures. My dog, a Labrador, fell asleep only after I placed a table fan outside solely for him and turned it on to the highest speed. My cat is unusually quiet, and avoided going outside under the scorching heat to use the bathroom, which meant extra cleaning work for me.

Sadly I have to study for my school exams, which means keeping the AC on the whole day and ignoring the heat. The latter is impossible, but not for the lack of trying. The electricity bill will surely skyrocket this month. So will my parents, if I don’t do the exams well.

When will the heat end?


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