My Name is Khan

My Name is Khan is an all new movie from bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan and famed director Karan Johar. It’s about a mildly autistic Indian named Khan, who goes to live in the USA and lives a happy life there until the events of 9/11.

His family is affected by post 9/11 predujice against Muslims. His own son is killed during a racially motivated schoolyard fight, after which he is chased off by his wife who asks his to tell America that he is not a terrorist.

Khan spends his time travelling across several states in the USA, telling people that “My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist”. His goal is to meet the president of the USA, and eventaully he achieves that goal after much hardship. When he meets President Obama, the President tells him that “Your name is Khan, and you are not a terrorist”.

The message is very clear, and Shah Rukh Khan has done a great job of delivering it. Since the movie is extremely popular in the UK and USA, I hope that this message will reach the very people who were predujiced against Muslims after 9/11. If they have not changed their mindset after eight years, at least now I hope they will.

There is only one part of the film which I don’t like too much. That is the part where Khan meets President Obama, because it seems to unrealistic. I’ve heard that the budget for the film was pretty big, so surely they could have found someone who looks more like Obama. Or at least they could have shown only Obama’s back, like they show the Queen’s back in British movies.


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