Getting the Results

I place my bag on the ground next to my table and sit down. The bell rings and the class is supposed to start. But the teacher tells us that we will soon get our marked papers. That means we won’t be doing any work today. Instead of cheering, the entire class is silent.

The teacher is doing some last minute marking. We wait patiently and anxiously. After ten minutes the teacher starts calling out names. Soon enough, I hear my own name.

As I approach the teacher, a feeling of worry fills my head. It’s finally the moment. The moment when I get my exam results. It’s not the public exam; it’s just the school exam. But I want to keep up my standards. I want to get an A. I did my best, and now I get to know what my ‘best’ is. I was worried about it since I finished the exam (just two days ago), but now is my last chance to worry.

I reach the teacher’s table within seconds, although it feels like hours. A thousand things run through my head just before the teacher hands me the paper. “Wow! What if I get a 95%? I could by one of the highest in the grade. No, probably not. I know I messed up some questions, and I always make some sort of careless mistake. What if those questions lead me to getting something like 60%? Or even less! i know some students who got really bad results. I thought the exam was not too hard but many said otherwise. Did I fool myself that the paper is easy, and mess up the paper without knowing? My parents and teachers will be so upset!”.

And then I get the paper. A large red number is written on the cover page. It says “86%”. I sigh a sigh of relief, and walk back to my seat.


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