Exponential Growth of Firecracker Sales

There has been an explosive increase in the sales of crackers during the month of February. This trend is expected to continue well into March, and possibly until the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in mid-April.

Is the February/March season an extremely auspicious period for weddings? Or are people preparing very early for the New Year? Nope. It’s the election season again. More specifically, the General Election season.

Hundreds of candinates take part in this grand election. Each party has plenty of candinates for each district in the country, and each candinate has hundreds of election offices. A candinate usually opens each of his/her offices personally, and firecrackers are lit at each opening ceremony. Also, firecrackers are lit when the candinates hand in their election applications, and after the candinates are voted into parliament. Therefore it should come as no surprise that people selling firecrackers are becoming very rich these days.


One response to “Exponential Growth of Firecracker Sales

  • Chandiya.com

    We used to ride side saddle on the side bonnet of the car bracing ourselves on the crash winders while throwing crackers on to the side of the road. When we got to the new election office large blue helium balloons were released and more firecrackers lit.

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