How many Sri Lankan websites are impartial and unbiased? Very few I believe. I know of only one such website at the moment (ignoring my blog), so if you find any other such website please inform me. Crazylanka is a website which summarises Sri Lanka in one word: crazy. It’s about current affairs, history and everything else related to Sri Lanka. It was launched in 2001 and was probably the first satirical website about Sri Lanka.

The main feature of Crazylanka is “The Daily Pol-Thel”, a newspaper covering current affairs in Sri Lanka in the craziest way possible. However, this is probably the most factually correct part of the website. It was updated until around 2006, and again recently for the 2010 presidential election. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be updated for the parliamentary elections.

There are also features on Sri Lankan history, folk stories and various other things, such as “McMaalupaan” and “Kilinochchi Landmine Chicken”. The website is very interesting and the is a large amount of content to read and enjoy.

Warning: Crazylanka is a website which does not hesitate to make your favourite politician look like a fool. It also makes your least favourite politician look like a fool. It may even make you look like a fool. The crazyness is unbiased, which is why I like the website.

Visit the website now at


4 responses to “Crazylanka

  • magerata

    I can’t claim to be impartial but will try. Thanks for the tip and hope crazylanka will continue to provide entertainment

  • Acromantula


  • Gyan Fernando

    Hi, I am the author of Crazylanka as everybody knows. I am sorry that Crazylanka has not been updated in recent times. We are no longer sure what is funny in Crazy Sri Lanka at the moment and we invite people to write in to us. It is not easy to run a Sri Lankan website from Bolivia, which is where I am at the moment!
    But do watch out for an update soon.
    Keep an eye on The Daily Pol-Thel!

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