New Camera and Computer

I’m getting a new camera and a new laptop next week. Double bonanza! The laptop is going to be a MacBook Pro 13-inch, which I’ve been awaiting for months. The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel XS, which will be my first dSLR camera.

I did have a SLR camera before (belonged to my father). Then, as a young kid, I got tired of the old bulky thing and begged my parents to get a point and shoot cam. Of course my slightly old fashioned parents kept trying to convince me that an SLR produces much better quality, but I was too stubborn to understand. And also my father did need a smaller camera to carry about.

After experiencing one floppy disk cam and two memory card cams, I’ve finally realised that Single Lens Reflex cameras do produce better photographs. I was getting pretty sick of my Sony Cybershot which is notorious for misfocusing the most important photos. Since my father was going abroad to a place where electronics are very inexpensive, I decided to get a dSLR camera (as well as the laptop, but that was decided ages ago).

After some quick searching on the internet, my choice became the Canon EOS Rebel XS (or 1000D, depending on where you buy it). My fathers old camera was also a Canon, so I assume that the newer digital SLRs retain the same quality and performance.

I will post a review of the camera and the Mac after I get them and enjoy them. That will probably be a while.


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