Indian Premier League for Me

The IPL is the pride and joy of the BCCI and Lalit Modi. And also of SET Max, DLF, Karbonn Mobile and hundreds of other sponsors. It’s the ultimate money making scheme, utilizing cricket and harnessing the viewership of one billion Indians (at the very minimum) to attract sponsors.

I too have been partially pulled into this scheme. Or scam, depending on how you look at it. I regularly tune in and watch the matches after I finish studying at around 10.00 pm. This year I have abandoned my usual system of supporting the team that is batting when I tune in. Now I am a fixed supporter of Kolkata Knight Riders, regardless of the fact that they are the one step from being at the bottom of the points table.

I won’t go into the team politics of the KKR. Instead, I base my support on two things. The team is owned by Shah Rukh Khan, one of my favourite bollywood actors, and also Angelo Matthews, my favourite Sri Lankan cricketer, is in the team. And also, partially, because the KKR has being one of the unluckiest teams in the last two seasons. I didn’t really have time to go through everything and choose a team based on statistics, so instead I chose what I believed was the weakest team in the tournament.

But according to the current standings, KKR is not the worst (King XI Punjab is), so it seems to be working out for me. Hopefully the team will climb up a bit more before the end of the tournament. KKR winning the tournament is a bit too far fetched even for me.

Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering about the IPL advertisements on SET Max where there are two scarcely dressed women posing. Today, I noticed that only the tops of the women were shown, unlike the previous ads where the women would sometimes stretch their miniskirt clad legs so the camera was given a full view of their underwear. If there happened to be a Buddha statue in the vicinity, broadcasting the IPL would have been banned in Sri Lanka (and possibly in parts on India too). It would have also been banned in 95% Buddhist Myanmar, but they have bigger problems to worry about. However, I’m not very happy about this.

I’m also not happy about the cheer leaders who are ever present and dancing at the edge of the field. That’s an American thing, and it fits in with college basketball games. It’s not Asian and definitely not Indian. It’s as if the IPL organizers want to draw the people’s attention away from cricket as much as possible. Surely there must be some people who go to the match just to observe those women. At least the camera doesn’t keep turning to them all the time, unlike last time as I remember.


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