My Own British Political Posters

With the British General Elections coming up in May this year, the two major parties there have been releasing posters to throw mud at each other, and occasionally at themselves. Bloggers have taken a great deal of interest in doctoring these photos, and now even the computer illiterate can doctor posters on their own, using online applications such as this one. You can view several such doctored posters on this website.

I took the time to make some posters of my own, representing my views of British politics. Of course I am not too knowledgeable of British politics, but I’m sure I can comment about it better than CNN. CNN is notorious for uninformed reporting, especially involving elections in Asian countries. They were 100% sure that Sarath Fonseka would win the Sri Lankan election in January, but that only made me more sure that Rajapakse would be victorious. I wonder what trash they will spew about our general elections.

Anyway, here are my posters. Repost them if you wish, but please accompany them with a link to this article.

And finally, a very very Sri Lankan poster.


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