It takes a lot of brainpower to run a blog like this. You need to have a lot of ideas, and need to be able to express these ideas. You need to find a constant motivator to keep updating the blog. I should have been doing all that. I didn’t. Now I will try again.

I started this blog in February last year. I managed to keep going until April. And then I forgot about it. I believed that my exams would be a good excuse to stop blogging, but I found that I did have lots of free time to do other stuff even while studying hard.

So this year I start anew. I just found out that the person running had commented on the post about his blog, but unfortunately I hadn’t seen it for almost a year. The comment has been accepted, so you can see it in that post now. Looking back at last year’s posts, I find that my style of writing isn’t too bad. In fact it was much better than in my first blog (back in 2007).

Let’s see how long I can keep going now. This time I am relying on friends to help me out with ideas, so perhaps I will be able to persevere for some time. I should have some interesting stuff to say once I get to university. Perhaps the preparation and the journey to university will be interesting as well.

Here’s to the future of this blog!


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