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My friend has passed his exams. After so much worry that he’ll have to miss most of the Summer holidays, it turns out everything’s rather fine. So we can go ahead with our little project (more to come later, maybe).

Us international school students/foreign university students refer to the period between June/July and August/September as Summer. This is despite the fact that there is no real Summer in Sri Lanka. It’s hot all year around, bloody hot in June and July, but it’s hot either way. In the UK people revere the Summer, although I personally prefer Spring, which sounds more, well, get-up-and-go after the morbidity of the Winter.

In Sri Lanka, we’ve split up the seasons according to rainfall, since that’s the most change in weather we usually get. We’ve got the Monsoon season, and, well that’s all I remember. I’m sure I learnt this stuff in O/L geography. A bit of a shame I don’t remember, I sort-of liked the subject.

The UK Summer means 90% rain and 10% sunshine, and increasingly hot days [rant about Global Warming goes here]. Before I left the UK, we had some really wet weather, and then some really hot weather. British rain isn’t the sort of rain we get in Sri Lanka. In the UK it’s just always there in the background, slightly annoying but inconsequential. Life goes on regardless. In Sri Lanka the rain falls at an epic pace and in massive batches, successfully bringing the country to a halt. If we’re so lucky, there are days when it rains so much in the night that it’s taken for granted that the roads are clogged, and nobody bothers to go to school or work.

I do like the Winter sunshine in Britain though. It’s cold, but the sunshine is just glorious and often the skies are clear. There then seems a sort of clarity in the air. Also, the ridiculously long Summer days are nice. And thanks to the Summer I get ridiculously long holidays to spend in Sri Lanka. But I still prefer Sri Lankan weather, even though almost everyday is a fight against the forces of sweat and stink.

Watch the Sri Lankan skies at sunset. There’s always a red hue. It looks beautiful, and you get it every evening. It’s worth living in Sri Lanka for these little things…



Making an App for WP7

I’ve been developing an app for Windows Phone 7. It’s an app for scoring cricket matches. I had the idea since last Summer when we played cricket and often had to make up random scores mid-game due to our forgetfulness. It took about a week to develop the app, and I’m quite happy with the result.

My app is named CricketScore (rather uninspired, I know). Basically you can save teams and score matches between any two teams. In the future I’ll have the app save the matches so that scorecards can be generated and viewed on demand, perhaps shared online as well.

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Musings on Windows 8

I hate it when people refer to the OS as “Windoze”. It’s even more pissing off that internet trolls are so lazy nowadays. The Verge seems to have the best trolls in terms of creativity these days; it’s a pleasure to read. They allow memes to be posted in the comments. So much win!

I’ve been trying out Windows 8 on my computer for the last few days. Typically took ages to download the Release Candidate via ADSL. I finally fished out a 3G dongle I’d previously forgotten about, and managed to finish the download before I could complete my degree (mid-2015). I had tried the Consumer Preview back when it was released around February, and the new release is a major improvement.

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