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It takes a lot of brainpower to run a blog like this. You need to have a lot of ideas, and need to be able to express these ideas. You need to find a constant motivator to keep updating the blog. I should have been doing all that. I didn’t. Now I will try again.

I started this blog in February last year. I managed to keep going until April. And then I forgot about it. I believed that my exams would be a good excuse to stop blogging, but I found that I did have lots of free time to do other stuff even while studying hard.

So this year I start anew. I just found out that the person running had commented on the post about his blog, but unfortunately I hadn’t seen it for almost a year. The comment has been accepted, so you can see it in that post now. Looking back at last year’s posts, I find that my style of writing isn’t too bad. In fact it was much better than in my first blog (back in 2007).

Let’s see how long I can keep going now. This time I am relying on friends to help me out with ideas, so perhaps I will be able to persevere for some time. I should have some interesting stuff to say once I get to university. Perhaps the preparation and the journey to university will be interesting as well.

Here’s to the future of this blog!


Royal-Thomian…. Trouble for everyone else?

Sri Lanka’s oldest and arguably most popular big match, the Battle of the Blues between Royal College and St. Thomas’s College, is currently under way. Tomorrow will be the third and final day of the famed test encounter. Whilst this is a very joyous event for the Royalists and Thoras, the same cannot always be said for others, especially other students.

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How many Sri Lankan websites are impartial and unbiased? Very few I believe. I know of only one such website at the moment (ignoring my blog), so if you find any other such website please inform me. Crazylanka is a website which summarises Sri Lanka in one word: crazy. It’s about current affairs, history and everything else related to Sri Lanka. It was launched in 2001 and was probably the first satirical website about Sri Lanka.

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It’s Too Hot

It’s too hot. There are no words to explain the heat. Even if there were any such words, my tongue is too dry to say them. I don’t feel like doing anything, but I have to study. I couldn’t even sleep if I wanted to. Even with the AC on and after drinking galleons of ice water, I still feel uncomfortable. And I’m pretty sure the rest of the country agrees with me.
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Soft Launch

I thought that I’d rather launch softly than have a mega launch party and run a massive advertising campaign that could challenge Rajapakse’s election campaign. Actually the second is probably impossible. And I wasn’t really planning to do any of these things.

Anyway, this blog is about me, a Sri Lankan international school student, and various stuff that goes on in my life. Studies take the prime position as always, but I won’t hesitate to publish my random thoughts and feelings and some ideas that come to mind.

I know I’m going to enjoy writing this, and this isn’t the first time I’m writing a blog, so I hope you enjoy reading this!