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Freedom? From the Frying Pan into the Fire

The Egyptian protesters have won. Sort of. Mubarak has been pushed out of his chair as President of Egypt. The “pro-democracy” protesters have being working towards this for weeks now, and finally it has happened. It’s all tears of joy for them. However, another problem lies in the way. Now the military is in control of the country, which is not really known as a good solution. Continue reading


Analysing the Results

General Election 2010. In fact, so general that around 1/3 of the country didn’t bother to turn up at the polls. The remaining 2/3 who did turn up almost made sure that the UPFA would reach its target complex majority of 2/3 (it’s better than the simple majority of 113 seats). But unfortunately (for them), the UPFA will not be getting more than around 140 seats. The UNF suffered a crushing blow, unfortunately (for them). The DNA also failed to regain more that around 2/13 of their seats from 2004. Enough numbers! Lets discuss the names that we saw decorating the walls of our beloved country.

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Elections Once Again

Once again, it’s your turn to select a new batch of rogues and cheats to run our country. Or should I say, ruin our country. But frankly, we have had universal franchise since the Donoughmore Commission (or was it Soulbury) about 70 years ago. Every election since then, somebody has complained that the to-be-winner was going to ruin the country. Yet the country is still here, isn’t it? After all, our country survived 30 years of a brutal war with most of the international community (considered to include Western countries only) seeming to support the terrorists. Sri Lanka can definitely survive another bunch of misfits in parliament.

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My Own British Political Posters

With the British General Elections coming up in May this year, the two major parties there have been releasing posters to throw mud at each other, and occasionally at themselves. Bloggers have taken a great deal of interest in doctoring these photos, and now even the computer illiterate can doctor posters on their own, using online applications such as this one. You can view several such doctored posters on this website.

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Akon Not Coming to SL?

Looks like Akon (real name: Allianz Bandaralage Acorn Thiam**) is not coming to Sri Lanka. But the show will go on without him, since there are other performers whose names I am not aware of. Akon will surely be missed, but at least the organizers don’t have to refund the tickets. I’m not sure if people will actually come for the show without Akon. Not that I’m too worried, because I didn’t even know about the show until the stone fight at Capital Maharaja.

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How many Sri Lankan websites are impartial and unbiased? Very few I believe. I know of only one such website at the moment (ignoring my blog), so if you find any other such website please inform me. Crazylanka is a website which summarises Sri Lanka in one word: crazy. It’s about current affairs, history and everything else related to Sri Lanka. It was launched in 2001 and was probably the first satirical website about Sri Lanka.

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Exponential Growth of Firecracker Sales

There has been an explosive increase in the sales of crackers during the month of February. This trend is expected to continue well into March, and possibly until the Sinhala and Tamil New Year in mid-April.

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